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Dasacoir leadinng coir and cocopeat products Manufacturer and Exporter from Sri Lanka

You've just found the one of the few best manufacturers and exporters of coir fiber and cocopeat products in the world. Our coir and cocopeat products are made out of the finest coir from Sri Lanka which is the best source for coir and cocopeat in the world. You must be looking for really good quality coir and coco peat products at competitive price so that you can have really good profits over other competitors in your country. Then you are at the right place.

We understand your need better than any other suppliers in the industry and we offer the finest quality coir and cocopeat products at a fair price for you to become a winning importer.




Watch Dasacoir introduction video by Director Administration

It is quick introduction of the company and our business and our mission of making you a winning importer. Don't foget to watch it.




What makes Dasacoir to be a one of the most demanded coir and cocopeat brands in the industry.

we are commited to give you three promises when you are doing business with us for you to win the business. as we give, we deliver on them. Our clients know our commitment for that. it is what made the dasacoir a highly demanded coir and cocopeat brand in the market .Read more to see how you can be benified form ,Our three Promises

  • The Finest Quality
  • Fair Price
  • Trusted Supplier



Our Contact Details

Dasa Trade Centre, Moonamaldeniya, Kuliyapitiya,                       Sri Lanka ,

Tel                +94372291225,                +94372291425

Fax                +94372291225

E mail

info@dasacoir.com dasatrade@sltnet.lk









Our Featured Produts
  • Cocopeat Bales
  • Cocopeat Briquettes
  • Cocopeat discs
  • Coconut Husk Chips
  • Hydroponics Grow Bags
  • Coir Pots
  • Coir Pads
  • Coir Fiber Bales