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Erosion Control


Coir dust and Coconut fiber are found as the best environment friendly solution for erosion control by protecting and supporting banks and shorelines and also promoting restoration of wetland environment.
Coir fiber and coir dust products do the Erosion control in many ways

  • The Coir Pallets work as a shield from weather and water erosion. The fine matrix of the fiber, filter out slits and improve the sedimentation.
  • The products like Coir Logs dissipate wave energy and retain the bank to develop the plants.
  • General water quality is improved through the control of erosion.
  • Coir Mesh is widely used in river banks and drainage channels where rates flow and stresses are high and also uplands or coasts. Coir matting of the mesh effectively control soil less and improve sedimentation. Since it decomposes slowly, it provides prolonged protection to the soil.
  • The high tensile strength of Mesh can be utilized to offer temporary soil reinforcement

Restoration of Vegetation

  • Coir Products as Coir Logs encourage establishing the plant colonies rapidly.
  • Coir Fiber products provide healthy root systems to plants.
  • Since the matrix of the coir fiber progressively degrades it makes good vegetation framework with full wetland community.



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