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To become a winning importer, it is important for to widen your knowledge about the industry that you are in the market place. Here we have decided to give you peace of information on different applications of coir related products. We hope this will aid in improving your knowledge of coir. Remember every application of coir products is a market opportunity. Happy learning!


By using Coco peat as a base medium there are wide range of new organic environment friendly products for horticulture and gardening. This includes value added products like Potting mixes.

Value Added Products

  • The Coco peat bales or blocks can be found in bulk form to use in large-scale gardening.
  • Coco peat briquettes specially made for retail market and retail Nurseries can be found in the supermarkets with handy portable package.
  • Coco peat Disc are fascinating value added product which can be decorated the table with flower
Coco peat briquettes
Coco peat Disc
Coco peat bales



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