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Making you a Winning importer

As a manufacturer and exporter with sound experience in this field coir and coir related products manufacturing and exporting, we can understand the need of an exporter. As we understand your need better than anyone else, we put our fullest commitment to fulfill your need better than any other exporter here or abroad. That is what made dasacoir one of the most demanded coir brands in the market place. As customer focused company we give three promises to you make a you winning Importer.. These three promises are

  1. The Finest Quality
  2. A Fair Price
  3. Trusted Supplier

The Finest Quality


We guarantee the finest quality of our coir products to you. Quality is a prime factor, you should take into the consideration, when you are to import coir related products form any exporter. Mistakenly if you have chosen law quality coir related products. It is for sure you will be in a deep trouble when you are to re manufacture them or resale them as it is in your country. So that why do you take troubles choosing such products and exporters? We guarantee that you will never have worries as such, if you do business with us. We like to show how we say we promise to give the finest coir.    

  • No1-High Quality Raw materia


Sri Lanka is tropical country giving the ideal climate of growing coconut trees. Specially all the coconut estates from where we take raw materials is situated in Kurunegela area which is highly recognized as one of main three areas (Coconut Triangle in Sri Lanka) for high quality and quantity coconut yield in Sri Lanka. So that you don’t want to have any doubt about quality of our raw materials used in the production.

  • No2 -Traditional Method


In the production process we use traditional method in which coir kept in Stagnant water tank for sufficient period of time to till the necessary quality comes. This traditional method is specially used in Sri Lanka. Other country manufacturers instead use quick method to produce the coir, which result in law the under this methdo quality of our products is assured.

  • No3- Quality Supervision

We manufacture coir related by following the quality guide lines given by Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka and Coconut Development Authority of Sri Lanka. Our production is supervised to meet the quality guide lines of them.


  • No4 -Our commitment for the High quality


After all we as a manufacturing organization commit our selves to deliver a finest quality to you, since we always believe that if you succeed we can succeed too. That is why we are commited to deliver such High quality products. 



A Fair Price


We guarantee a really fair price to you for coir products compare to many other Sri Lankan and other exporters, and you will never take this quality at such price from any one else other than us. We put our fullest commitment to provide our coir products at really fair price by taking necessary steps to reduce the cost, since we need you to win in the business in your country. 

  • No1- No Intermediaries


We are not Intermediary in the business since we are the manufacturer and the exporter .We have cut unnecessary intermediary cost to give you our products at competitive price.



  • No2-Minimum Wastage

We have taken all the necessary steps to minimize the cost and wastage to give you our products at really good price.

A Trusted Supplier


We really believe in the long term relationship with our customers that is the critical success factor behind the huge success achieved by Dasacoir brand over the couple of decades. We guarantee strong relationship focus in doing business with you from our side. As an importer if you can accept it and value it, we guarantee that you will get huge amount of benefits from us like our existing clients. 

  • No1-Special credit term facilities and more


our existing clients are enjoying huge amount of benefits because of the trust and relationship we have kept between us. Once you become our loyal customer, we are ready to offer you special credit term facilities and many more benefits..





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