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Cocopeat Bales

It is a product of coconut. Coir peat is used as a perfect organic medium to recondition soil in horticulture to germinate seeds cutting, seeding and plants. There is no water logging in the root zone due to its high pore space of soil and air filled porosity of can be easily wetted and re wetted. Coir peat is a completely natural product and it is environmentally acceptable from its sources through processing to end use.

25Kg Bale

5kg bale

Weight:                          25kg +/-                                         100 g
Size:                              80X40X33                                         CM
Compression                  Ratio: 2:1
EC:                                 Below 1ms                                         1:5 Dry after                                       press
Moistures:                     <30%
Packing:                         Individually                                       packaged in                                       white                                                   Polythine                                             bags
Container Utilization:     Number of Bales per 40' HC: 615

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5kg bale

5Kg Bale

Weight:                              5kg +/- 100g
Size:                                   30x30x15 +/-2 cm
Compression Ratio:            5:1
Moisture:                            <20%
Packing:                              224X20 pallets/4480                                            Bales/22.0 MT
Container Utilization:          1 X 40’H/C container

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Cocopeat Briquettes

Coco peat briquettes specially made for retail market and retail Nurseries can be found in the supermarkets with handy portable package.


Weight:                           650g
Size:                                20x10x5 cm +/-                                         0.5
Compression Ratio:         8:1
Capacity:                         5 - 7 L
Break out Volume:           3 - 5 L
Load per 20' FCL:            13 MT
Load per 40' FCL:            26 MT
Packing:                          On buyer’s                                         requirements

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Cocopeat discs

Usage Since the disc fits into a 2 ltr. pot, it is ideal to be used for cuttings, etc. The packaging is designed to be dispensed through Supermarkets and Garden Centers.

coco peat disc

Size:                                 Diameter 10 cm;                                          Thickness 2.5 cm
Weight:                            35 g (+/- 15 g)
Moisture:                          15-20%
Compression:                   8:1 by volume
Packing:                            On buyer’s                                          requirements
Container Utilization:       104 Discs/Carton;                                          81 Cartons/Pallet;                                          10  Pallets/20ft.                                              Cntner (11.4 MT).

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Coconut Husk Chips

Potting Soil

Coconut husk chip is an Ideal for potting mixer to Increase air fill porosity and water holding capacity. Coconut husk chips can ideally replace hard wood and soft wood bark. Coconut husk chips are superior for Hydro absorb and water distribution

coir husk

Block dimension:              30 x 30 x 15                                         cm
Weight:                            5 kg Format.
Moisture:                          Below 20%
Compressed ratio:           5:1
Yield expansion Volume:  60 Liters
Packing:                           Individually                                         wrap or                                         Unwrap block.
Container Utilization:       256 Blocks on                                         per pallet and                                         20 pallets In                                         40 H/C cntr.

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Mulching Special Grade

Mulching Special grade is available in different chips sizes ranging from 1 mm - 12mm. This is an Ideal for Orchid cultivation.    

Medium Size                        10 -12 mm Cubic
Small Size                            6- 8 mm Cubic
Very small size                    1-5 mm Coarser

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Hydroponics Grow Bags

Hydroponics Grow Bags are ideal for Commercial Nurseries, Greenhouses as well as Home Gardeners who are employing the Hydroponics growing techniques.  Works well with drip irrigation systems.
Compressed product is packed in to high density poly bags which is UV treated and printed as per customer requirement.

Size:                              Co can be made as for the buyer's requirments.
Weight:                        Coc 2.5Kg (Approx)
Moisture:                          C15-20%
Compression:         Coco Pe6:1 by volume
Re-expansion:           Coco 14 cu.M per MT when wetted up to 88% moisture
Packing:                             350/400nos. Hydroponic Grow Bags stacked on a pallet strapped and stretch wrapped as rigid unit.
Container Utilization:          8000 Grow Bags on 20 pallets in a 40ft High cube Container.

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Coir Pots

Ready - made Coir fiber pots made of natural coco fiber & natural rubber (rubberized - coir) for use by Horticultural Farms, Flower Gardeners, Green Houses, and Nurseries. These can be kept (with or without a wooden or frame stand) with natural flowering plants to give indoors an elegant look.

5kg bale

Size:                               On Request            WEGHT:                          12g
Material:                         Fiber Dust
Moisture:                        15 % - 16 %
Thickness:                      10 MM
P H Level:                       5.4 TO 6.8

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Machine Twisted Fiber (FMT)

Machine twisted fiber (FMT) is made with natural coir fiber. They are mainly used in rubberized form for automobile seats, spring cover sheets in the bedding industry, Filtering material in the drainage industry, Machine Twisted Fiber is available in different mixtures such as

  • 100% Bristle Fiber Twisted
  • 100% Omat Fiber Twisted
  • 100% Mattress Fiber Twisted
  • 50% Omat Fiber and 50%Mattress Fiber Twisted
  • 60% Omat Fiber and 40% Mattress Fiber Twisted

Packing:                              in Coils
Weight:                               20-26 Kg per 1 coil
Twisted per meter:              60-70
Moisture:                             Less than 20% Meta                                             reading
Size of a coil:                       can be changed as per buyer’s requirement
Container Utilization:           Approx. 20MT per 40` Container and Approx.                                                10MT per 20`

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Coir Fiber Bales

We produce high quality coco fiber special for export market. Our product are made from natural fiber taken from coconut husk, cleaned and compressed into bales. Most of our product used as raw material for car seat filler, furniture, car dashboard, geo-textile, erosion control, rope, packaging, etc.

5kg bale

Packing:             bale
Weight:             150 KG / bale
Moisture:           15 % MAXIMUM
Dust contain: < 5%
Capacity: 1 x 40 fcl = 19-21 mt

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Coir Twine

The Coir yarn is manufactured either with white or brown fibre and is manually or semi mechanically spun.It is used for Manufacture of mats / matting and carpets, rubber based brush mats / mattings, nettings / Geo-textiles (land – scaping and on embankments of road construction for prevention of soil erosion).

5kg bale

Packing:      bundles of 50kg or n ballots.
Size:           4 mm – 5 mm 2 ply

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Coir Pads

The soft fibre strands separated are called mattress fibre. Coir fibre posses an inherent moisture content which correlates to its natural properties, particularly the flexibility of fibre strands. The Sri Lanka standards (SLS) indicated a moisture content maximum of 18% unless otherwise agreed upon between buyer and seller. Other than moisture content our fibre is free from husk particles and foreign matter.

5kg bale

Packing:             bale
Weight:              KG / bale
Moisture:           18 % MAXIMUM

Capacity: 1 x 20 FCL.

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Other Products

We produce any coir and cocopaet products like geo textile, coir mats based on any customer inquiries. If you wish to import any other products which have not been mentioned here, please feel free to contact us. we are always there to support you. To contact us click here




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