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Basic Information
Brand: Dasacoir
Company Name: Dasa Trade Centre
Company Address: Dasa Trade Centre, Moonamaldeniya, Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka , Zip code: 10200
Product/Service: Twisted Fiber, Coir twine, Coco peat, Coir Bristle, Hackled Fiber, Coconut Husk Chips,(M/F bales),coir fiber bales, geo textiles, Mattress Fiber, Fresh coconuts and etc..
Employees: 105 People
Year Established: 1975
Investment: 1.5 million USD
Production Capacity
Machinery: 12 Twisted Fiber (F.M.T) Machines, 2 Coco peat Dust press machines, 30 coir twine machines, 1 fiber bale machine, 4 coir fiber processing machines (used in traditional methods)
Production Output: 20 Metric Tones per day
Currant Markets: Germany, China, Belgium, Italy, USA and etc..
Contact information
E mail: info@dasacoir.com , dasatrade@sltnet.lk
Tel: +94372291225, +94372291425
Fax: +94372291225
Web Site: http://www.dasacoir.com
Skype dasa.coir
Yahoo Messenger dasacoir@yahoo.com
MSN Messenger dasacoir@live.com




Our Contact Details

Dasa Trade Centre, Moonamaldeniya, Kuliyapitiya,                       Sri Lanka ,

Tel                +94372291225,                +94372291425

Fax                +94372291225

E mail

info@dasacoir.com dasatrade@sltnet.lk