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Seed Raising

Coco peat is ideal media for Seed Raising or Seedling due to the following facts.

  • Since Coco peat is having highWater Holding Capacity and high Air Filled Porosity , it helps to produce seedlings with strong and fibrous roots.


  • Coco peat has higher germination rates due to its ability to re-wet easily. Germination rates are very high when seedlings are grown in mixes containing Coco peat

Use of Coco-peat in Seed Raising

Adding 50% by volume of Coco peat to most seedling mixes will improve water holding, aeration, and nutrition. Several other additives like Gypsum, Perlite, and Vermiculite will give the better performance. Compositions of the additives may vary according to the type of seed. Some Fertilizers can be added to improve the Phosphorus, Calcium, Nitrogen, Iron and remaining trace elements.



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